Thursday, October 30, 2014

Updates on the Howard Chan SWA Ultimate Blog

Had quite a chuckle when we saw the comment of Thrown in the Howard Chan anti SWA Ultimate blog at

teka… May SWA pa ba? mukhang nawala na sila sa sirkulasyon.. they are dying.

It shows how "Thrown" has thrown his mental faculties out the window.

That's what happens when people "review" or criticize something even if they haven't even been inside.

And all that Thrown offers are guesses.

To Thrown: You don't know if SWA Ultimate still exists? And then you jump to conclusions. You're beginning to sound a lot like Howard Chan, who likes to make statements as if he has done extensive research, when the truth is he has not.

Where are those threats of exposes?

Empty threats, as usual.

Anyway, and for the education of Thrown (did your mom give you that name?), SWA appears to be expanding its product base.

That's normal for most businesses. You shouldn't rest on your laurels and rely solely on past winner products. You should invest in new product development.

Yes, there have been short-term promos like the recent Get 7 Gadget/Appliance Promo. And there are reports of another SWA Promo in early November 2014.

Kaya pwede ba? Mag research ka naman, Thrown. Huwag kang TAMAD!

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